Fire On The Mountain Robotics

We are Fire On The Mountain Robotics

We are Fire On The Mountain Robotics and it's our goal to help give back to our community by sharing the same STEM education that made us who we are today. Fire On The Mountain is a team built from the ground up by students experienced in multiple disciplines of robotics, this means our team has the working experience to build a competitive robot but also the ability to innovate by working outside of the box. This year, we're set to establish our team, make a name for ourselves in FTC, and work to impact our community. To find out more about our team member's individual histories, find out what we're up to, or to contact us with any further questions: please click on one of the tabs above.









Gracious Professionalism

Gracious Professionalism is being aware of where your skills are needed, treating others with respect, working as a team, and being open to ideas.


We as a team are determined to do the best we possibly can. We are always pushing ourselves to go further.


As a team, we are always looking for new opportunities to expand our knowledge and learn new things.